• Amos Ravid

My last year favorites

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Here we are again. Almost without noticing a new year has arrived, time to look back on my last year photos. There were many of them (not enough if you ask me) and choosing is never an easy task. But, as they say, A photographer got to do what a photographer got to do. So here are some of my favorite photos from 2019.

As always seascapes took an important part of my work and, as expected, Dor beach in Israel delivered it's goods to my portofolio. The next four images were taken from there and the last two of them even got a recognition by the Landscape Photography Magazine (which made me quite exited).

The Obobserver


Bridge Over Calm Water

Wet shoes

Of course there were many landscapes as well, from Israel and from abroad. The next three are from the fascinating desert area of Eilat Mountains, southern Israel.


Rise Of The Sunset


Our trip this year was to the northern part of Greece which I found so beautiful that I decided I must come back again. Soon.

Klidonia Bridge, Pindus National Park, Greece

Aoos River From Konitsa Bridge, Greece

Viodomatis River, Pindus National Park, Greece

Viodomatis River, Pindus National Park, Greece

Forests and woodlands is a new and quite challenging subject I have started to be interested at in the last year. Still need a lot of practice but here are some that made me satisfy

Sure there were some night trips. Few of them to new and unfamiliar locations, other to well known ones which looks and feels so different under the stars light.

Magic Mushroom

Showing The Way

The Southern Lights

Selfie With Stars

Mars View

Keep nature and have a very good 2020