• Amos Ravid

The other kind of Greece

Updated: May 30, 2020

Its been a while since our wonderful week in the mountainous area of northern Greece but it took me some time to go over and edit my photos. This was my first time in Zagorochoria and certainly not the last one. It's another kind of Greece. The views, the climate, the culture, the vegetation, the food, are all so different from the Mediterranean Greece, that of the islands and the beaches. The nature here is wild. The roads are steep and narrow and the endless curves lead to magical tiny villages. Plenty of water, streams, waterfalls and the tranquility which is so easy to get used to. And the beer is incredibly cheap too... a photographer's heaven.

We lived in Aristi, A small village which is a very good base for touring the area. The next few photos of the Vidiomatis river were taken just five minutes drive below the village.

One of the famous attractions of the region are the the dozens ancient 18th and 19th century stone bridges. The next photo is from Kildonia bridge and the one below it was taken from above Konitsa bridge.

If you are interested in forests photography you would easily find your request too. The next few photos were taken in charming woodland below Aristi on the Vidiomatis river bank.

And if you thought that the Zagorochoria area is secluded and wild, wait until you get to Tzoumerka. Especially if it is off season. Here the time has its own rules, but so it is beautiful. The next photos were taken at kuiassa Falls, a sort of paradise for photographers (and in general). I am already thinking about my next visit here.

Thank you Greece, you were so kind to us.