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Magic Mushroom

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Photography for me is an amazing combination of art and nature. That is the reason I mainly focused on landscapes. Sometimes it takes you to places you would have never reached otherwise. This "Mushroom Rock", for instance, which is located somewhere in the vast expanses of the Negev desert in southern Israel. In contrast to the famous Mushroom Rock in Timna Park near Eilat, this one is hard to find. The access is not regulated and is possible only on weekends, when the IDF (Israeli army) does not train. It is kind of a secret, known to a very small amount of people therefore "enjoys" only a very small number of visitors. There are even very few photos of it and almost no information about it on the net. A real piece of virginal, clean and wild nature.

The place was in my mind for some time, since I saw a picture of it taken by travelers and it took me a while to research and identify its estimated location on the maps. That night was my first attempt to get there. It needed some navigating and caution and I almost gave up when could not identify it under late afternoon light even from a high observation point. Luckily I managed to find it before the just dark. Once there you feel pretty lonely, especially after sunset. It is really you and Mother Nature (and who knows who else). But the minute I took the camera out of its bag I felt how much I love photography. It is a magic.

The Magic Muashroom: 14mm | f/2.8 | ISO 3200 | 20 Sec.

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