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Photo of the month - Landscape Photography Magazine

A big deal. At least for me. My photo "Bridge Over Calm Water" from Dor beach was chosen by Landscape Photography Magazine as photo of the month (May). I am truly excited and grateful.

Here is the text describing the photo as was published in May issue of the magazine:

Israel has a long Mediterranean coast line scratching from north to south. Along it you can find many great beaches for relaxing or water activities. Lacking of bays, dramatic mountains or high cliffs along it you should look for other elements like small coves, rocks formations, interesting texture and so for your composition.

Dor Habonim Coast is probably the most popular among photographers in Israel. The beautiful shore is about 4 km long and has many composition possibilities and different views. It’s a nature reserve that combines few beautiful sandy beaches with many rocky areas. what's making it even better location is it's location. It is not far from center of the country, only about 40 minutes drive from Tel Aviv and very easy to rich. Yet, no matter how many times you go there you always find something new.

Best season to shoot there is winter. During summer the sky is usually clear and boring so it is better to wear a swimming suit and enjoy other things the place offers. Since the Mediterranean shore line of Israel faces west side, sunset would be the ideal time of the day to take photos.

This photo was taken in a cloudy winter evening. I called it Bridge Over Calm Water although the sea was quiet rough and the water was not calm at all that evening. It's the long exposure that made it look so. It is a focus stacking of two shots, one for the foreground and another one for the bridge rock.

Landscape Photography Magazine internet site:

Here is a photo of the very same spot from another date:

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