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The Secret Buttercups Field

Last Passover vacation was pretty productive. Seeing family and friends, relaxing and of course taking some photographs. One of the afternoons was dedicated to visit old friends and a very very special location. A grand finale for the spring blossoms season.

Nikon D750 | Nikor 14-24 f2.8 at 14mm | ISO-200 | 1/60 sec | f/16

Somewhere in the western Negev a beautiful and very secret Buttercups field is being cultivated every spring. So secret it is that you need to have an insider to get there, and even then they mask your eyes on the way. Well, not really. However, all I can tell is that from the Kibutz's gate you enter the fields, take a few turns left and a few to the right and there you are, as simple as that. If you happen to reach to the border to Gazza strip you have probably gone too far.

Nikon D750 | Nikor 14-24 f2.8 at 14mm | ISO-100 | 1/2 sec | f/22

Every April it creates an amazing huge colorful rug of flowers in the middle of the desert. The funny thing is that they are not even interested in the flowers and it is perfectly ok to pick. They grow it only for the tubers (which are exported), so while I was busy taking photos Sara was busy taking flowers. The point is that if you don’t do it properly with scissors you damage the tuber.

Each row produces tubers of one color. There are pink, yellow, red, purple and many others. There are also a few blended rows which would end up as packages of multi colors tubers. My favorites are the yellow and the turquoise, only because to my opinion they are the most photogenic ones. So next time you see a beautiful garden with some colorful Buttercups in Europe, that might be originated from somewhere in the western Negev.

Thank you Ricki and Moshe for your hosting

Nikon D750 | Nikor 14-24 f2.8 at 14mm | ISO-100 | 1/4 sec | f/16

A selfie with Buttercups

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