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A sort of Tuscany

"Bitronot Ruhama" (Badlands of Ruhama) is a very uniqe nature reserve in the north of the Negev in Israel. This area is at the edge of the desert. Most of the year it is very dry and brown, but in winter the farmers take advantage of the few rains to grow wheat. They sow it over huge fields and just hope for some good rains. If it comes on time the whole surface is beeing painted in green. For a few weeks the area reminds the hills of Tuscany. At least a little.

Nikon D750; Nikor 24-70 f2.8 VR at 48mm; ISO-100; 1/1.3 sec; f/11

It is very easy to get there and you almost don't have to leave your car. As always its best to take photographs of the place early morning or just before sunset. Praying for some nice clouds is also a good thing to do. Here is anonther one from the same day about 25 minutes earlier. Tuscany or not? Well, sort of...

Nikon D750; Nikor 24-70 f2.8 VR at 48mm; ISO-100; 1/3 sec; f/11

The dessert was taken at the same place about a week later. I was sure the sun has done its job for the day and my equipment was already packed when I turned around to see this spectacular vision. It lasted only for a couple of minutes so I did not even have the chance to compose. I just took the camera out of the bag again and ...

Nikon D750; Nikor 24-70 f2.8 VR at 24mm; ISO-100; 2.5 sec; f/11

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